The (correct) God Formula :)

For me 2015 was a year of change. A year in which I reached Zero Point. I knew this was going to happen from day 1 in 2015. I knew I had to let go, because that was the only ‘solution’ left to find the answer to my quest in the ‘Search for Happiness’. And it happened. During 2015 I had to let go of all things. I had to let go ‘Everything’. The year 2015 ended with me carrying my father to the grave the day before Christmas day, my wife being abroad, my work in turmoil, my hobbies turned upside down. And my ‘search for Happiness’? This ended by finding the answer … the answer being Nothing.

At the time of my fathers death, just before Christmas 2015, I said to the World and to the Gods, ‘Do what ever you want, the only thing I want is carry my father to his grave’. I had reached Zero Point.

After the burial, I felt a new freshness. I knew 2016 would be a year of come back. A year in which things would go my way. Not that I wanted this, or forced this. No, it just happened. My wife came back, my work changed, my hobbies revived. And although the ‘Search for Happiness’ had ended in 2015 with finding the answer, Nothing, I had not fully understood this answer. I knew it was the answer (because after 13 years I was no longer searching). But what did it mean? That question would be answered in 2016. As said, 2016 was the come back year. And understanding ‘Nothing’ was the most important thing that happened in 2016.

During the year I had several insights. In September I had the final insight into what Nothing is. And I posted this as The God Formula. Yet, in the back of my mind I was still tinkering with this. The formula is elegant. Sure. But I felt not totally convinced. I felt 99,99% convinced. I am convinced about Nothing, but the formula somehow placed Nothing in an awkward position. The elements Nothing, Everything, and the Holy Trinity of Creativity, Creator and Creation were positioned in such way that I still was tinkering.

The fun thing of ‘my 2016 year’ is that the correct formula was handed to me in the last hour of the year 2016. The happening was not even spectacular. I just came up with a slightly changed picture. I drew it on my notebook. Then I realized this happened just before year’s ending … and I smiled.

The God Formula

N – Nothing
E – Everything

C – Creativity
C – Creator, Nothing (The internal quality of Creativity)
C – Creation, Everything (The external quality of Creativity)


Nothing can not exist, (therefor only) Everything exists
The binding element of Nothing and Everything is Creativity
This is the ‘Holy Trinity’
Like a coin with 2 sides made of 1 stuff
The 2 sides is the Duality of Creator/Nothing and Creation/Everything
The 1 stuff is Creativity
Nothing/Creator is the ‘invisible hand’ of Creativity (the ‘expressing force’ of Creativity)
Everything/Creation is expressed Creativity (the ‘external result’ of this ‘internal invisible hand’)
In the western world we denote this ‘invisible hand’ with God
God is Nothing/Creator


Creativity is always everywhere
The Creation is what we usually call ‘Everything’ (what we can see, hear, feel, touch, think, do, etc. The world including you and me)
The Creator aspect can only be realised as being ‘Nothing’ (it can not be seen, it can only be realised)

~ Max

Buddha Union by Vishnu108


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