18ishI was 17 or so. Had a friend who always lent money but was sloppy with paying back. I had to ask 8x or so … After a while I didn’t lend him money anymore. Not that I explained it straight in his face, no, I made up an excuse … just like him. Point is, he didn’t get money. Alright guy, but no money from me :)

Microsoft should stop selling the Xbox One in Japan

a-customer-holds-a-boxThe Xbox One apparently does not sell well in Japan. No surprise. If I were Microsoft, I would stop selling the Xbox in Japan. Thus turning ‘We dont want it’ into ‘You cant have it’. It then becomes a cult object in stead of a ‘loser’. A cult gaming device for those japanese gamers who really want it. They would import it from oversees and they would pay double the price to have it at their homes:) Trying to push the Xbox in Japan has never worked. Not for the classic Xbox, not for the Xbox 360 and not for the Xbox One. I’m really surprised MS is still trying. I would be too proud to see my product being on the shelves like a loser.