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Farpoint – Requiem

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Soms moet je spijbelen

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Battlefield 1 ft Ron Goodwin’s “Where Eagles Dare” Theme

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The dream of Lt Maximilian Qubit (Operation Flashpoint’s Battle at Le Port)

10th anniversary remix of the Battle at Le Port. Lt Maximilian Qubit, back in 2006 platoon leader in the Le Port battle, is still haunted by the memories. Every night the battle is relived. After the battle he wrote the … Continue reading

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10th Anniversary of the Battle at Le Port

In 2006 nearly 200 soldiers (around 100 on each side) fought a heroic and dramatic battle at Le Port. Many soldiers on both sides died. The battle is seen through the eyes of platoon leader Lt Maximilian Qubit. Awed by … Continue reading

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Hymn for Walter (Theme)

Look, I really don’t care what others think of my music. I play for the sake of playing, not to make money or become famous. So when I recorded the Hymn for Walter and uploaded it to YouTube, I already … Continue reading

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Hymn for Walter

I started watching the movie ‘A Clockwork Orange’. The intro music caught me by surprise. Hearing chords I use to play myself. Intrigued as I was, I fast forwarded to see who was responsible for the music. To my surprise … Continue reading

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Max plays BF4

A musically enhanced version of me playing BF4. Great fun. Game: Battlefield 4 Platform: Xbox One Game mode: Conquest / Team Deathmatch Weapon: Several

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Who is Mr. Gold in the movie ‘Revolver’?

About halfway into the movie, it is revealed that ‘No one sees Gold, but Gold sees everything’. Mr. Gold stands for Consciousness. The invisible Gold runs everything. Jake Green (you) doesn’t know this in the beginning of the movie. He … Continue reading

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Max Qubit prepares Indian Butter Chicken

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Once upon a time, me, Max and Max watched a movie (the voices in my head)

Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) (IMDb) is a really great movie. A classic, #23 in the top 250 IMDb list, which I never saw until a few years ago. Why did I wait so long to watch … Continue reading

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Close encounters of the third kind

Shot with Nikon D5100, 18 mm, f/11, ISO4000, 0.4 sec, RAW. Processed with Lightroom 3.

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Where Eagles Dare (1968)

I like this movie ‘Where Eagles Dare’. This is a great action movie, with shining stars like Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. The opening title music composed by Ron Goodwin is absolutely fantastic. Last summer I saw it during holiday, … Continue reading

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