The dream of Lt Maximilian Qubit (Operation Flashpoint’s Battle at Le Port)

10th anniversary remix of the Battle at Le Port. Lt Maximilian Qubit, back in 2006 platoon leader in the Le Port battle, is still haunted by the memories. Every night the battle is relived. After the battle he wrote the following poem.

Some will say a battle, is
Good against the bad
But, all I saw were soldiers, equal
Most of them now dead

~ Lt Maximilian Qubit

10th Anniversary of the Battle at Le Port

In 2006 nearly 200 soldiers (around 100 on each side) fought a heroic and dramatic battle at Le Port. Many soldiers on both sides died. The battle is seen through the eyes of platoon leader Lt Maximilian Qubit. Awed by the horrors of war and the fragility of a soldiers life, he kept using binoculars in stead of his rifle, while commanding his platoon into the small town. His account is universally regarded as being ‘anti-war’ in nature. After the battle he stated he had seen no good or bad but only soldiers, most of them dead.

Battle at Le Port

Hymn for Walter (Theme)

Look, I really don’t care what others think of my music. I play for the sake of playing, not to make money or become famous. So when I recorded the Hymn for Walter and uploaded it to YouTube, I already expected next to no views, let alone likes:) But that really makes no difference to me. I play, no matter what. It was Larry Ludwick who phrased it perfectly. He said ‘Just believe in your own music’. What wise words! So, when I torture virtual synths, or gently play the piano, or even have tunes in my head nobody else hears … I do believe in my music. 100% uncompromising stuff. You may listen, if you want. But no talking, no opinions. Because talk and opinions is not music. Music only can be played live, and at that ‘live moment’ you can not talk or have opinions, you only can play, or listen. Playing is what I do, and love … and sometimes I hit the record button and upload it to YouTube and WordPress … for fun. My own fun:)

Anyway, to explain Hymn for Walter. To make it more accessible for others, I recorded the theme on piano. The theme is rock solid. You can do whatever you want with a theme. In my head, undetectable for others, the theme is played by symphonic orchestras, sung by choirs, performed on grand pianos, played on church organs, hammered away by rock bands or used as movie scores. But … that is in my head. You just hear 1 minute of simple piano playing.

— Max

Hymn for Walter

I started watching the movie ‘A Clockwork Orange’. The intro music caught me by surprise. Hearing chords I use to play myself. Intrigued as I was, I fast forwarded to see who was responsible for the music. To my surprise it was Walter Carlos of Moog fame. It clicked. I went to my own music setup. Digital Yamaha piano connected with PC, running several virtual synths. It took only seconds to play the samey chords as if by second nature. Of course the virtual synths went ballistic, as if they knew the chords were inspired by Walter. Upon ending the improvisation I decided to edit the recording and make it available on Youtube. With the fitting title ‘Hymn for Walter’. Enjoy:)

Who is Mr. Gold in the movie ‘Revolver’?

Revolver (2005)About halfway into the movie, it is revealed that ‘No one sees Gold, but Gold sees everything’. Mr. Gold stands for Consciousness. The invisible Gold runs everything. Jake Green (you) doesn’t know this in the beginning of the movie. He is not conscious of Gold (himself). During the movie, Jake slowly realizes his real position. He becomes conscious of Gold. Matters are run by Gold. Jake is run by Gold, but so are the others. Everytime Jake thinks he is in control, something comes up to show him that this is not the case. In the end, Jake is beaten by Avi in a chess game, a final hint that Jake is not, and never was in control. It is Gold who is in control. Jake still has to unravel this. He is stripped down from everything he has (like money, life, control, etc.) and he has to face all his ‘enemies’ of which Dorothy Macha is the biggest enemy. In reality, Macha is also run by Gold (note: At one point Macha is saying ‘This is Sam Gold I’ve found myself chained to, Mr Black Magic, Mr I-run-this-game Gold’). Avi, a messenger from Gold (note: In the movie the characters wonder ‘Even Gold does not touch Avi. Why?’), says ‘Time for that meeting, give him, Macha, what he wants’. Jake needs to do this final test. To see reality through all fake (as in play, not real) thought patterns. Is Macha in control, stronger than Jake, or will Gold finally ‘reveal’ himself? Macha is threatening Jake’s niece at gunpoint. Which is Gold’s ultimate play/trick to see if Jake falls for this. But Jake does nothing, he has realized that Gold runs the show, so he doesn’t interfere anymore with Golds play. He doesn’t have to interfere because he can’t interfere, and he never could interfere. The other way around, it is Gold’s play that Jake stands there doing nothing and Macha crumbles. It is Gold’s grace that the truth is finally revealed to Jake. Jake and Gold, and Macha for that matter, are one. But Macha isn’t needed anymore, because the truth about Macha, and the old Jake, is exposed. Macha and Jake are run by the grace of Gold, are (playful) creations of Gold. Macha kills himself and the movie ends.

The point is that Mr. Gold was, is and always will be running the show. Whatever the contents of the show is. It is the invisible Gold who runs the show, and at the same time is playing to be Jake and Macha and all the ‘supporting cast’. Gold’s show is so convincing that he forgets he is Gold and starts to believe in his creations Jake and Macha. All for the sake of playing. The better the forgetting, the more real the show seems to be. Subtle hints, from Gold to Jake (in reality from Gold to himself) are needed to remind what the real situation is. In the end, Jake is enlightened and has ‘realized’ himself as Gold. Macha, the imaginary enemy, is ‘dead’, and so is the old Jake. Of course, leave one letter out, and things become more clear. Leave out the ‘L’ in Gold and you get God:)

(It is possible that my explanation is different from what Guy Ritchie had in mind, but in that case I guess it is for Mr. Gold to clear this up. Btw, funny, the way of Gold was that I was hinted on, the existence of, this movie by some remark by some guy. It took me no time to find and torrent it, but I shelved it for 2 years. There is no other way.)

Revolver. A truly great movie. (imdb)

Score: 10/10

Once upon a time, me, Max and Max watched a movie (the voices in my head)

Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) (IMDb) is a really great movie. A classic, #23 in the top 250 IMDb list, which I never saw until a few years ago. Why did I wait so long to watch this classic? Well, I postponed it everytime. No problem, you might think. And that is what I was thinking too. I always postponed it because the movie is quite long (2,5 hours) and there seemed always ‘other things’ to be done which looked to be even more fun, or so I reasoned. So, I postponed it with ‘I will watch it later’ … and I used that ‘excuse’ for 25+ years (since my student years).

So, iirc, 2 years ago I was at home, a saturday evening late, 23.00h. And for me that is normally a time to pickup the controller for some XBOX gaming, or perhaps do some internet surfing or photo processing using Lightroom or whatever. I seldom watch TV or movies anymore (gaming/pc/internet/music/photo hobby took over).

But I still have this thought in the back of my head that I’ve NOT seen all great, classic movies. Movies in the top 250 list on IMDb. And ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ is one of them. Movies that I really should see, during THIS life if possible;)

So, my wife went to bed, and I wanted to switch off the TV but fun/zapped through some channels before switching off … and hit upon a movie that just had started … Once Upon a Time in the West!

A thought came up. The usual thought;)

– Max: ‘Hmmm, I will watch it later. Now I want to play some games’.

But I had not counted on another Max (Max2) appearing on the scene and starting a ‘discussion’ with the first Max (Max1)

– Max2: ‘Look Max(1), you always come up with that excuse. When WILL you watch this movie?’

And now I suddenly had this conversation with myself;) (with the movie already running)

– Max1: ‘Yeah, I know. But I can rent it or download it and watch it when I have some time. Now, I want to play some games’

– Max2: ‘Games, games? Always those games? What about watching the movie NOW! ?’

– Max1: ‘Now? … as in Right Now?’

– Max2: ‘Sure mate. Right Now! Because you are postponing watching this movie for over 25 years now. And in another 25 years you are DEAD!’

– Max1: ‘….errrr, Dead?’

– Max2: ‘Braindead, of all that Call of Duty and Battlefield gaming nonsense. Look, in another 25 years you will be 70+ with death closing in fast!’

– Max1: ‘Hmmm, perhaps you are right. I DO postpone it everytime’

– Max2: ‘So, will you watch the movie?’

– Max1: ‘Well, I could start with watching, and see …’

So, I started to watch this movie, but a few times during watching, Max1 reared his head and tried some pityfull attempts at yet another postponement:) …. like in this attempt (30 minutes into the movie) …

– Max1: ‘Errrr, Max2, perhaps I could now stop watching this movie, which is really great and all, and watch the rest at a later time? (cause I really want to play some games)’


And so, me, Max1 and Max2 watched this fantastic movie till the very end. Is the movies so ‘slow’ for real or was that just to tease me even more? I mean, the last shoot out was only a few minutes, feeling like 1000 light years;)

But here you go. The ‘voices in my head’. Max1 and Max2. Always argueing what is ‘best’ for me. But I’m really glad that Max2 had his way. I DID see ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, and heard the fabulous music score (shivers) … now I have only 249(*) other ‘classics’ to go:)

Once Upon a Time in the West: 10/10

— Max

(*) A matter of speech of course. Because I did see a lot of those movies already. But there are also a lot of movies on that top 250 list which I still have to see first time (yup, time IS running out;)

Where Eagles Dare (1968)

I like this movie ‘Where Eagles Dare’. This is a great action movie, with shining stars like Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. The opening title music composed by Ron Goodwin is absolutely fantastic.

Last summer I saw it during holiday, on a small tv, with bad analog reception, noisy b/w signal. But I still was glued to the screen, and my wife was wondering what the **** I was watching:)

Anyway, must see movie!

— Max

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