Farpoint + Aim = Instant classic 10/10 game for PSVR

Farpoint + Aim defines the future for FPS in VR. It paves the way for FPS VR. It shows FPS VR can be done. It is the ‘Quake of VR’. Story? Did Quake have a story? Did Quake need a story to become a game legend? Nope. Anyway, Farpoint has an acceptable story. But it isn’t about a story. It is about opening the gates to FPS in VR. In this respect it is an instant classic. It will be remembered, not for the story but for the impact it made on VR. Farpoint + Aim do so much new stuff, it’s simply incredible. With it we set foot on another gaming continent. The FPS VR world. And with it comes discoveries and mapping of this unknown FPS VR territory. Farpoint + Aim is synonym for gaming history in the making … and I was there. I bought it day 1. Because I wanted to be part of it. Glad I did. Farpoint + Aim … I love you!

Video below contains spoilers!

Battlefield 1 Beta – First ‘Sweet Kill’

From own experience I know I have to give some shooter games like Battlefield the time to grow on me. Typically 5-10 hours. The first few hours are frustrating most of the time. Because of the chaos, of the (new) gun handling, the k/d which drops to 0,2 due to others who are already ‘vets’ while I’m still a newbie wandering around clueless. Anyway, it is very important to start making a few ‘sweet kills’. Because these kills make you play on/come back. Although not having a lot of fun yesterday with my first session with the Battlefield 1 Open Beta, I did make that first ‘sweet kill’. And I recorded it. Here it is

GTA V and the First Person shooting mechanic

GTA VA 10/10 game for sure. Just read the other 10/10 user reviews. I don’t have to repeat what they have said about the game. I will add one thing … and that is the shooting in First Person mechanic. This can be improved. This must be improved by Rockstar! I know it is their first outing with FP view, but it simply plays less smooth than Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny, Halo or Far Cry. Especially the aiming. In other shooters I have never problem to put ‘the dot on the head’, but in GTAV it is a major pain. I don’t know why. I’d say, hire some guy from those other games, copy/paste some controller coding and hey presto, you’ve got your shooting mechanics like CoD/BF/FC. So … there is something to improve on this already 10/10 game.

But, don’t be bothered by my ‘negative’ above. Just play and enjoy this game like I do. Both last year on 360 and now, gloriously upgraded on Xbox One:)

GTA V (Xbox One)


Who is Mr. Gold in the movie ‘Revolver’?

Revolver (2005)About halfway into the movie, it is revealed that ‘No one sees Gold, but Gold sees everything’. Mr. Gold stands for Consciousness. The invisible Gold runs everything. Jake Green (you) doesn’t know this in the beginning of the movie. He is not conscious of Gold (himself). During the movie, Jake slowly realizes his real position. He becomes conscious of Gold. Matters are run by Gold. Jake is run by Gold, but so are the others. Everytime Jake thinks he is in control, something comes up to show him that this is not the case. In the end, Jake is beaten by Avi in a chess game, a final hint that Jake is not, and never was in control. It is Gold who is in control. Jake still has to unravel this. He is stripped down from everything he has (like money, life, control, etc.) and he has to face all his ‘enemies’ of which Dorothy Macha is the biggest enemy. In reality, Macha is also run by Gold (note: At one point Macha is saying ‘This is Sam Gold I’ve found myself chained to, Mr Black Magic, Mr I-run-this-game Gold’). Avi, a messenger from Gold (note: In the movie the characters wonder ‘Even Gold does not touch Avi. Why?’), says ‘Time for that meeting, give him, Macha, what he wants’. Jake needs to do this final test. To see reality through all fake (as in play, not real) thought patterns. Is Macha in control, stronger than Jake, or will Gold finally ‘reveal’ himself? Macha is threatening Jake’s niece at gunpoint. Which is Gold’s ultimate play/trick to see if Jake falls for this. But Jake does nothing, he has realized that Gold runs the show, so he doesn’t interfere anymore with Golds play. He doesn’t have to interfere because he can’t interfere, and he never could interfere. The other way around, it is Gold’s play that Jake stands there doing nothing and Macha crumbles. It is Gold’s grace that the truth is finally revealed to Jake. Jake and Gold, and Macha for that matter, are one. But Macha isn’t needed anymore, because the truth about Macha, and the old Jake, is exposed. Macha and Jake are run by the grace of Gold, are (playful) creations of Gold. Macha kills himself and the movie ends.

The point is that Mr. Gold was, is and always will be running the show. Whatever the contents of the show is. It is the invisible Gold who runs the show, and at the same time is playing to be Jake and Macha and all the ‘supporting cast’. Gold’s show is so convincing that he forgets he is Gold and starts to believe in his creations Jake and Macha. All for the sake of playing. The better the forgetting, the more real the show seems to be. Subtle hints, from Gold to Jake (in reality from Gold to himself) are needed to remind what the real situation is. In the end, Jake is enlightened and has ‘realized’ himself as Gold. Macha, the imaginary enemy, is ‘dead’, and so is the old Jake. Of course, leave one letter out, and things become more clear. Leave out the ‘L’ in Gold and you get God:)

(It is possible that my explanation is different from what Guy Ritchie had in mind, but in that case I guess it is for Mr. Gold to clear this up. Btw, funny, the way of Gold was that I was hinted on, the existence of, this movie by some remark by some guy. It took me no time to find and torrent it, but I shelved it for 2 years. There is no other way.)

Revolver. A truly great movie. (imdb)

Score: 10/10

Destiny – A little bit of Ether hunt

I have now played 15 hours of Destiny. Enjoyed it every minute. I played it alone, coop with friends, and even coop with total strangers. All fun, all butter smooth, all working flawlessly out-of-the-box from day 1. I have also started with PvP Crucible. 45 Euro / 15 hours = 3 Euro/h which is starting to look good. I’m also pretty sure (again) that a lot of ‘reviewers’ are simply dumb, albeit fashionable, sheep. Some sad guy gives a 7 or less, and the rest follows because they don’t dare to admit they are playing a fun game. No, they go ‘Let me be interesting, I want my ego boosted so lets give Destiny a 6/10’. Dumb sheep:) The hype? The masses themselves created the hype! No surprise, because that is the same ‘sheep effect’ in play.

And those clowns who start talking about how they not-like Destiny, and where the next one tries to outdo the previous not-liker. Hahaha lol. Oh, they so desperately need to be inside the not-like-Destiny entourage, because, yup, otherwise they’d be laughed at. You like Destiny? Are you gay or something? Check this ‘review’. Hahaha, even the writer admits he can’t put down the game, but scores it with a 6/10. So spoiled, they can’t even give an 8/10 or 9/10 to a game game they obviously like. To me, I’m more straightforward AND honest. I can’t put the game down, so I give a 9/10. Simple:) … Oh, do so check the clowns, or should I say snobs, like here in the article and the comment section http://www.polygon.com/2014/9/16/6153843/destiny-bungie-fun-but-flawed

Me, I’m playing the heck out of Destiny. I’m not a sheep and I don’t want to become one:)

Score: 9/10

And now for some Ether hunt (little side mission)

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5So the girl behind the counter said: ‘Ahh, THE game’ … and sure it is. Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) is out now. On Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. I actually had not planned to buy/play it day 1, but when the EUR release date (sept 17th, 2013) was there and the review scores came in … and the review average got stuck at an incredible 98% on Metacritic, it was but a question of time before a GTA5 copy would find its way to my 360. I walked into a superstore to discover all copies were in fact sold out, but as I was at that moment still not into the ‘play day 1’ modus this was no problem for me. The next day (wednesday) I passed a local shop and found 2 nice shiny copies of GTA5 for Xbox 360 still on the shelve … and so I took one, nodded to the sales girl, who was arranging some other stuff in the shop, that I had come to purchase ‘a game’. The girl came to the counter and spoke the holy words: ‘Ahh, THE game’ … obviously a girl who knows what she is talking about, or perhaps because she saw 20+ copies leave the shop in record time, could be this:P Anyway, I am playing GTA5. It is fun. It is a truly mega big budget title which squeezes every last single bit out of the aging Xbox 360. It comes highly recommended. Buy it!

Score: 10/10

Edit (sept 21st, 2013): The integration of game and internet is fun in this game. In the game you can use your mobile phone to take pictures. Those can be published onto Rockstar’s dedicated social hub, but also can be published further onto Facebook or Twitter. When playing the game I happened to stumble on the mysterious ‘La Puerta Murder case‘. Eight people died in that massacre. Of the killer there is no trace. As I myself just experienced some weird stuff when enjoying ‘grass’ (mini game) I have no 100% recollection of what I did just afterwards. Later, when checking the bullet count of my SMG, I discovered 30 rounds were missing? But I can not remember firing any rounds. Weird. Was I perhaps the killer? And who is the girl?

GTA5 La Puerta Murder Case

GTA5 La Puerta Murder Case



Once upon a time, me, Max and Max watched a movie (the voices in my head)

Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) (IMDb) is a really great movie. A classic, #23 in the top 250 IMDb list, which I never saw until a few years ago. Why did I wait so long to watch this classic? Well, I postponed it everytime. No problem, you might think. And that is what I was thinking too. I always postponed it because the movie is quite long (2,5 hours) and there seemed always ‘other things’ to be done which looked to be even more fun, or so I reasoned. So, I postponed it with ‘I will watch it later’ … and I used that ‘excuse’ for 25+ years (since my student years).

So, iirc, 2 years ago I was at home, a saturday evening late, 23.00h. And for me that is normally a time to pickup the controller for some XBOX gaming, or perhaps do some internet surfing or photo processing using Lightroom or whatever. I seldom watch TV or movies anymore (gaming/pc/internet/music/photo hobby took over).

But I still have this thought in the back of my head that I’ve NOT seen all great, classic movies. Movies in the top 250 list on IMDb. And ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ is one of them. Movies that I really should see, during THIS life if possible;)

So, my wife went to bed, and I wanted to switch off the TV but fun/zapped through some channels before switching off … and hit upon a movie that just had started … Once Upon a Time in the West!

A thought came up. The usual thought;)

– Max: ‘Hmmm, I will watch it later. Now I want to play some games’.

But I had not counted on another Max (Max2) appearing on the scene and starting a ‘discussion’ with the first Max (Max1)

– Max2: ‘Look Max(1), you always come up with that excuse. When WILL you watch this movie?’

And now I suddenly had this conversation with myself;) (with the movie already running)

– Max1: ‘Yeah, I know. But I can rent it or download it and watch it when I have some time. Now, I want to play some games’

– Max2: ‘Games, games? Always those games? What about watching the movie NOW! ?’

– Max1: ‘Now? … as in Right Now?’

– Max2: ‘Sure mate. Right Now! Because you are postponing watching this movie for over 25 years now. And in another 25 years you are DEAD!’

– Max1: ‘….errrr, Dead?’

– Max2: ‘Braindead, of all that Call of Duty and Battlefield gaming nonsense. Look, in another 25 years you will be 70+ with death closing in fast!’

– Max1: ‘Hmmm, perhaps you are right. I DO postpone it everytime’

– Max2: ‘So, will you watch the movie?’

– Max1: ‘Well, I could start with watching, and see …’

So, I started to watch this movie, but a few times during watching, Max1 reared his head and tried some pityfull attempts at yet another postponement:) …. like in this attempt (30 minutes into the movie) …

– Max1: ‘Errrr, Max2, perhaps I could now stop watching this movie, which is really great and all, and watch the rest at a later time? (cause I really want to play some games)’


And so, me, Max1 and Max2 watched this fantastic movie till the very end. Is the movies so ‘slow’ for real or was that just to tease me even more? I mean, the last shoot out was only a few minutes, feeling like 1000 light years;)

But here you go. The ‘voices in my head’. Max1 and Max2. Always argueing what is ‘best’ for me. But I’m really glad that Max2 had his way. I DID see ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, and heard the fabulous music score (shivers) … now I have only 249(*) other ‘classics’ to go:)

Once Upon a Time in the West: 10/10

— Max

(*) A matter of speech of course. Because I did see a lot of those movies already. But there are also a lot of movies on that top 250 list which I still have to see first time (yup, time IS running out;)

StockLite custom mod greatly extends battery life of my Samsung Galaxy Ace

SC20130211-173207It like to get rid of stuff I don’t need. Very pratical. Less things to ‘worry about’. This pratice works especially well with devices like a PC. Keep the installed stuff to a minimum and the thing has less to ‘worry about’ and will perform better. Same for a smartphone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone, running Android. When you buy this phone it comes with a lot of Samsung and Android stuff preloaded … some of which I do not use. But, how to remove the stuff I don’t need? It is my first smartphone, so I was not directly able to tidy up the device because that preloaded stuff can’t be deleted. Unless … you hack the thing. Hacking means ‘rooting’ the device and perhaps even installing ‘custom mods’.

I learned both tricks in the past few months and ‘rooted’ AND ‘modded’ my Ace. In my search for a way to get rid of as much stuff as possible I stumbled on the StockLite custom mod amongst the myriad of custom mods available. I installed the mod, and after a short time of getting used to it (first day, I was not convinced) I really do love this mod and other ‘root’ apps like Link2SD.

I now have a Galaxy Ace which is ultra tidy. Just to my liking.

The insufficient memory problem has gone (Link2SD) and the battery life has greatly improved (StockLite). Last week it did run out of battery juice only after 6.5(!) DAYS … where 1 day is the normal situation with most smartphone users.

The secret not only lies in the StockLite custom mod (Iirc this mod has some battery enhancer or something) but also in sensible use of the phone. I only use Wifi when I need it. I only use the Phone when I need it. I only use Data when I need it. So, e.g. at night I put the Ace in ‘Airplane mode’ etc.

But … 6.5 DAYS?? Well done, my little ‘Ace’:)

StockLite review score: 10/10

— Max

SC20130210-125822 SC20130211-173214 SC20130210-125828

Samsung Galaxy Ace – Insufficient internal memory (Problem) – Link2SD (Solution)

Internal Memory StorageI’m quite happy with my Samsung Galaxy Ace. However, the internal memory storage (‘phone memory’) is very limited. A few apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and the phone starts to complain about ‘insufficient memory’. But I have a 16GB microSD card?? And still not enough memory?? That is because apps will install themselves in the precious ‘phone memory’ (limited to 181 MB). Which is logical if you think of the situation where you have no SD card in the phone. You can still use that phone, with apps, but only a handfull of apps can be installed before the ‘phone memory’ is full.

The problem can be solved by adding a SD card and moving your apps from the internal ‘phone memory’ to the external SD storage. This ‘moving’ can be done with apps like App 2 SD. A good and free app, however it (and many similar apps) wont move all apps to SD. Some, like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. are just not moveable. Weird! So, what about an app which will let you move ALL (user) apps from ‘phone memory’ to SD memory? Does such an app exist?

I have googled around and yesterday I have found that app. It is Link2SD (also free). There is a catch because this app requires your phone to be rooted. Luckily ‘rooting’ is not too difficult. Find multiple method/ways to ‘root’ your smartphone, see how to root galaxy ace. (Edit oct 13th, 2013: But sometimes the forces are against you. I tried to root the Ace of my stepfather, but it stubbornly refused to work, and always came with the error “There is no SU binary installed, and superSU cannot install it. This is a problem!”. Made me crazy. Nearly gave up. But with my zillionst search I did hit on a post from a guy named Vaivai www.phonandroid.com/forum/rooter-son-samsung-galaxy-ace-gt-s5839i-t22391.html and in his tutorial he spoke of UNROOT first. It is what I tried and now it worked. So take note if you have trouble rooting your device with said error message … try to unroot first). You also need to have a second partition on your SD memory card. This is where Link2SD will store/move the apps. Link2SD is a fantastic little app and did everything I have wished for. Highly recommended!

Link2SD review score: 10/10

So the receipt for this problem is as follows:

Device: Samsung Galaxy Ace
Problem: Internal memory storage full
Solution: Move apps to SD storage with Link2SD
Root (required): www.google.com/search?q=how+to+root+galaxy+ace
Second partition on SD card (required): http://www.noypigeeks.com/android/tutorial-a-guide-to-link2sd
More tips (battery saving): StockLite custom mod greatly extends battery life of my Samsung Galaxy Ace
Unroot and root www.phonandroid.com/forum/rooter-son-samsung-galaxy-ace-gt-s5839i-t22391.html

– Max

Far Cry 3 ‘Infinite Hunter’

Do you play Far Cry 3? If you don’t you should, because it is a great free roam game. This is what I said before in No hud in Far Cry 3. Well, I’m still playing this game on PC. Better, I have restarted the game and I have created an ‘Infinite Hunter’ environment. The idea is to always have the whole (first) island as hunting playground available. Not only with the wildlife but also with the enemy pirates.

The main game lets you take over enemy outposts, etc. but once you have done that there is no enemy anymore to battle with in that, now free, area. But the free roam battles with enemies and wildlife is what is so much fun in this game, because frankly, the AI is really fun/good. They are not godlike but they aren’t completely stupid either. They are beatable. Yes, I hear you, you are saying that they are not so good, that you can beat them easily. True, that is why you should start to play UNDERPOWERED, that is why you should play in NOHUD mode, that is why you should play on the HARDEST difficulty setting, and that is why you should play with a TO-NOT-BE-KILLED attitude (a.k.a. ‘permadeath’).

Just put you virtual life on the line and see how far you can go. I tell you, even 3 simple Dingo dogs can become a real threat. Yeah you’ve killed those dogs but your gunfire alarmed a passing jeep with 3 pirates, and you’ve just ran out of ammo on those dogs with only your handbow available. So, will you take on those 3 pirates? … Because if you die, you know, you are back at base, and you have to start all over again (what a shame if you have just roamed around for 1,5 hours and have advanced miles into enemy country).

‘Infinite Hunter’ sets up the game as a constant free roam battlefield. So, start a NEW GAME with the following rules:

– NOHUD (and no sound aid)
– NO unlocks (except the first few to get the game going: 2 skills (takedown & slide), 1 radiotower)
– DONT take over outposts! (Attack yes, but do NOT takeover)
– DONT unlock radiotowers (Just stick to your base (you have 2 bases btw))
– LIMITED health (max 5 syringes)
– NO other skills
– NO other crafts
– NO upgrades
– FEW customisations to weapons

Allow for:

– 4 weapon slots
– Wallet upgrades
– Loot carry upgrades

Now the battlefield is ready. Go in UNDERPOWERED, e.g. take a handbow and pistol and set yourself a goal like steel a sniper rifle in an outpost and get back to base alive. Or just free roam and do what you like. But remember, keep it UNDERPOWERED, and take risks just ‘on the edge’ … in short, just play and have fun with the AI in this fantastic world UBI has created for you. It is a fun setting. For me Far Cry 3 is the top game of 2012. I have burned 30+ hours into the single player, most of this just free roaming and having fun.

Tip: When you have prepped the ‘Infinite Hunter’ setup you better make a backup of the save file(s). In case you ‘accidentally’ take over an outpost by being a bit too agressive or e.g. when you had some unexpected ‘help’ from a tiger:) Because after nearly every completed action (e.g. take over an outpost) the game will autosave, and gone is your ‘Infinite Hunter’ setup. The save files are to be found in the C:\ProgramData\Orbit\46 directory. Just copy those to a backup location and restore the one containing the ‘Infinite Hunter’ setup in case you have to revert. After some sessions when you have accumulated more money, etc you can make another backup as to have a newer ‘revert’ point avaiable. Anyway, you get the idea.

Score: 10/10

— Max

Infinite Hunter (Far Cry 3)


– More on other posts on Far Cry 3

Where Eagles Dare (1968)

I like this movie ‘Where Eagles Dare’. This is a great action movie, with shining stars like Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. The opening title music composed by Ron Goodwin is absolutely fantastic.

Last summer I saw it during holiday, on a small tv, with bad analog reception, noisy b/w signal. But I still was glued to the screen, and my wife was wondering what the **** I was watching:)

Anyway, must see movie!

— Max

imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065207
must read: http://thisislandrod.blogspot.com/2010/04/where-eagles-dare-1968.html


This free utility worked like a charm and saved me a lot of trouble.

On my old but trusty and very lean windows XP computer I wanted to upgrade the C: drive containing the Windows XP OS. It was a 80GB IDE Western Digital and I had a much newer 500GB SATA Seagate spare. So how do you replace the C: drive contaning the OS without the trouble of reinstalling everything? Well, I googled some and discovered that this process is called ‘Cloning’. A very good read was this Beginners Guides: Cloning WindowsXP article. The article explained the basics and pointed me to the HDClone tool.

HDClone was just what I needed. Although it didn’t work directly from XP (because of some locks) It worked when I burned the selfbooting version on a cd, just as the help text advised.

About 1,5 hours later the 80GB were transferred to the new 500GB drive. Disconnecting the 80GB IDE HDD and booting the computer saw XP starting from the new 500GB SATA drive. Yes, faster and more space, just what I wanted. Some software had to be re-registered because the system signature had changed, but I encountered no other ‘problems’. After 8 years of work, the old 80GB IDE HDD will be shelved, collecting dust and might even be binned. I mean 80GB, now c’mon:)

HDClone 4 gets a 10/10 (fantastic helpfull free utility)

— Max