Nothing, Everything and Light … the true ‘Holy Trinity’

Expanding on and merging 2 of my previous posts,  The (correct) God Formula and C, the Speed of Light (Spiritual Physics) leads me to conclude the following

N – Nothing
E – Everything


C, light, having the following qualities

The Internal quality of C = No Time, No Space
The External quality of C = Time and Space

N, E and C merged together leads to

N – Nothing = No Time, No Space = The Internal quality of C
E – Everything = Time and Space = The External quality of C

C is the binding element of N and E
C connects Nothing with Everything
C is the coin with 2 sides, N and E

The World as we know it is E, is Everything, is the external quality of C
But unseen, within, is N, Nothing, the internal quality of the same C

This is the true ‘Holy Trinity’

N – E – C

As Everything implies Creativity it follows that C, light, is Creativity itself
Creativity = Light, Light = Creativity

~ Max

Buddha Union by Vishnu108

Farpoint + Aim = Instant classic 10/10 game for PSVR

Farpoint + Aim defines the future for FPS in VR. It paves the way for FPS VR. It shows FPS VR can be done. It is the ‘Quake of VR’. Story? Did Quake have a story? Did Quake need a story to become a game legend? Nope. Anyway, Farpoint has an acceptable story. But it isn’t about a story. It is about opening the gates to FPS in VR. In this respect it is an instant classic. It will be remembered, not for the story but for the impact it made on VR. Farpoint + Aim do so much new stuff, it’s simply incredible. With it we set foot on another gaming continent. The FPS VR world. And with it comes discoveries and mapping of this unknown FPS VR territory. Farpoint + Aim is synonym for gaming history in the making … and I was there. I bought it day 1. Because I wanted to be part of it. Glad I did. Farpoint + Aim … I love you!

Video below contains spoilers!