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Nothing, Everything and Light … the true ‘Holy Trinity’

Expanding on and merging 2 of my previous posts,  The (correct) God Formula and C, the Speed of Light (Spiritual Physics) leads me to conclude the following N – Nothing E – Everything and C, light, having the following qualities … Continue reading

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Time ( Spiritual Musing )

Time is a funny thing. What is the purpose of Time? Well, if there is no Time, then there can not be a functional Consciousness. Consciousness is not a ‘stand alone’ thing. Nope, Consciousness is a integral part of the … Continue reading

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C, the Speed of Light ( Spiritual Physics )

C denotes the Speed of Light. Light is said to be ‘traveling’ with the speed of light. We know that an object traveling with a high speed will experience a warped space/time effect. The ‘twin brother’ effect. On his return, … Continue reading

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