I’m sold on stars, stripes, squares and dots

Shot with Canon S95, 22.5 mm, 1/60 sec, f/4.9 ISO 400, -0.33 eV, RAW, Lightroom 5, TrueGrain (2012, Cap d’Agde, France)


Young Blackbirds (in my garden)

We had a birds nest with blackbirds near our kitchen window. One day the 4 young blackbirds decided it was time to go. But they couldn’t yet fly. So they were hopping around in our garden. Two days later I found one dead on the ground. Prey to cats? I don’t know. But the other 3 probably survived. Still, it was lovely to see those 4 young blackbirds in our garden. Enjoy the 4 blackbirds together with ‘Blackbird’ from The Beatles

(Filmed with Canon S95)