Trinity is like a Coin ( Spiritual Investigation )

Buddha Union by Vishnu108

Trinity is like a Coin

A Coin is made of Stuff and has 2 Sides


2 sides are Father and Son

1 stuff is Holy Spirit

Coin is Trinity of Holy Spirit, Father and Son


2 sides are Knower and the Known

1 stuff is Knowing

Coin is Trinity of Knowing, Knower and the Known


2 sides are Me and the World

1 stuff is Consciousness

Coin is Trinity of Consciousness, Me and the World


2 sides are Conscious and Self

1 stuff is Consciousness

Coin is Trinity of Consciousness, Conscious and Self


2 sides are Good and Bad

1 stuff is Thinking

Coin is Trinity of Thinking, Good and Bad


2 sides are Creator and Creation

1 stuff is Creativity

Coin is Trinity of Creativity, Creator and Creation


2 sides is Duality

1 stuff is Unity

Coin is Trinity of Duality + Unity


Now, the Ultimate Coin is as follows …

2 sides are Nothing and Everything


The Ultimate Coin is a one-sided Coin ( because Nothing is Nothing, and therefor can not be 1 side :)


What is the sound of one hand clapping ?

What is the value of a one-sided Coin ?


Spiritual Mystery :)

~ Max

Buddha Union by Vishnu108