Rainbow Six : Siege Beta (Lone Wolf Terrorist Hunt)

I’m already playing and enjoying the Rainbow Six : Siege Beta (on Xbox). Here I play Terrorist Hunt in Lone Wolf mode. Me versus 26 terrorists (difficulty setting Hard)

Note : I made this video by joining 2 source mp4 from xboxclips.com and adding some texts and transitions. I used the YouTube online video editor. So the whole (simple) video was made without any local installed software. Which is pretty ok:)

My Xbox clips : http://xboxclips.com/Max+Qubit

4 Codes for the beta (Xbox) which is extended to october 4th


For comparison I’ll add some old classic Rainbow Six TH which can be found on YouTube

Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow Terrorist Hunt (Xbox, 2004)

Rainbow Six: Vegas Terrorist Hunt (360, 2006)

Rainbow Six: Siege Terrorist Hunt (Xbox One, 2015)

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Triple kill

Performing a double kill is not straightforward, let alone a TRIPLE KILL:) Some guys were cluttering together seemingly having nice little chat. But this was ended abruptly when I appeared on the scene with the brutal assault rifle which is the HBRa3. This gun packs power and is accurate. I have the RDS attached because the ironsights are somewhat difficult to get used to.

Game: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Platform: Xbox One
Game mode: TDM hardcore
Weapon: HBRa3 + Quick draw + Fore grip + RDS

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – 4 in a Row

Hipe fire, Quick aim, Extended magazine and Fore grip all come together in this ‘4 in a row’ kill within 20 seconds. And as a bonus the victory was pinched away with 49 over 45:)

Game: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Platform: Xbox One
Game mode: TDM hardcore
Weapon: Bal-27 + Quick draw + Fore grip + Extended magazine

GTA V and the First Person shooting mechanic

GTA VA 10/10 game for sure. Just read the other 10/10 user reviews. I don’t have to repeat what they have said about the game. I will add one thing … and that is the shooting in First Person mechanic. This can be improved. This must be improved by Rockstar! I know it is their first outing with FP view, but it simply plays less smooth than Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny, Halo or Far Cry. Especially the aiming. In other shooters I have never problem to put ‘the dot on the head’, but in GTAV it is a major pain. I don’t know why. I’d say, hire some guy from those other games, copy/paste some controller coding and hey presto, you’ve got your shooting mechanics like CoD/BF/FC. So … there is something to improve on this already 10/10 game.

But, don’t be bothered by my ‘negative’ above. Just play and enjoy this game like I do. Both last year on 360 and now, gloriously upgraded on Xbox One:)

GTA V (Xbox One)


Los Santos, here we are:)

First person view, no hud, no radar mode in action. The cops are after me. I try to hide, but they find me. I shoot my way out, escape again. But then they shoot a tire. I have to change cars, but try to do it just near a freaking police station, lol. In the end I manage to get another car, and make my escape. I try to stay unseen from the police helicopter. All in a days work in GTA V’s Los Santos. The new First Person View is great, especially when driving and fyling. The tension is awesome. The detail is massive. Big thumbs up for Rockstar.

Anyway …Los Santos, here we are:)

Los Santos here we come:)

GTA VOnly one more day to wait until one of the greatest games sees its re-release. GTA V. Last year I bought it for Xbox 360. This year Rockstar has remastered and upgraded the game for next-gen consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Visual upgrades, gameplay upgrades and now with the all new First Person view feature. Especially this first person view is what I am after. First person view normally induces more immersion. And I like to ‘be there’ in Los Santos (the virtual alter ego of Los Angeles). LS here we come:)

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Double kill

The difference between 2 kills and a double kill. Performing a double kill is not straightforward. I tend to burst shoot, but making 2 kills with 2 bursts doesn’t count as a double kill, even if the kills are very close in time. 2 kills in one (longer) burst DOES count as a double kill. In this video you see a perfect example. A double kill. A few seconds later I again kill 2 guys, but this time with 2 bursts (and thus not counting as a double kill)

Game: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Platform: Xbox One
Game mode: TDM hardcore
Weapon: Bal-27 + Silencer + Quick draw + Foregrip

Pre-installing GTA V

Pre-installing GTA VThe great GTA V game has be remade for next-gen consoles. Xbox One and Playstation 4. I would already have bought it to play it again (after having played it on Xbox 360 last year), but the big new attraction, and the thing I have wished for many years with the GTA series, is the First Person View they have included. This will certainly be an immersion upgrade shocker. I was never a Third Person View player, do not like it, but the GTA series were passable nonetheless. But a true First Person View perspective … boy, are we in for a treat:)

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare … and Lag

Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareI’m staying away from the technical ‘lag’ discussion. But I have the impression that gamers with the highest k/d ratio’s are complaining the most about lag … probably because it hurts their precious k/d ratio. Yet, I think a lot of times it is not the lag … but those gamers are in fact less good than they think they are. They make the thinking mistake that the other side are simply cannon fodder, which they aren’t, they want to make kills just as much as you do. The posted video (see call-of-duty-advance-warfare-refocus) is case in point. I was 12-2 down, and quite pissed about that, so I took a deep breath and refocused … now the other team could argue that, from then on, they had lag or that ‘those bastards are camping’ or other pity full excuses. But in reality I just refocused:)

Lag is like the wind in a soccer match. Sometimes you have to play against the wind, but at other times you have the wind in the back, helping you. And there are times when there is no wind. I never heard a gamer complain when he had the advantage of lag, nope, then he starts to say ‘Look at my k/d, I am really good’. But boy, when the lag goes against him, there is no end to the whining:)

(but as said, I’m not gonna discuss ‘lag’ … it is an endless discussion)