1988 – Chain of command

1988 Army

Bergen-Hohne Germany 1988. Tank range exercise. I’m to the right (Lt). In the back my eskadron commander (Capt). Looking down the battalion commander (Col). Front left, 2 of my Leopard 2 tank gunners (Corp)


Free Lion 1988 – Commanding my platoon

Free Lion 1988

My tank platoon (2nd tkpel, B esk, 41 tkbat) during the Free Lion FTX of september 1988

Free Lion 1988

Commanding on top of Bravo tank

FREE LION 88: Between August and November 1988, NATO conducted a total of 67 larger exercises. The majority of these exercises were conducted on the territory of West Germany, and the greatest troop concentration took place in September 1988. Some 385,000 troops with 2,600 MBTs and 1,160 helicopters trained simultaneously. Among other forces, no less than five corps were fielded. From 19-23 September 1988, the 1st (NL) Corps conducted its last corps-level FTX named Free Lion 88. A total of 44,000 troops took part in the exercise, including soldiers from the Netherlands, from West Germany, from the USA and from the United Kingdom. A total of 12,510 wheeled and 1,700 tracked vehicles (including 420 main battle tanks) as well as 145 helicopters, deployed with the troops.