Election day in the Netherlands

Shot with Lumia 930. JPG processed with Silver Efex Pro 2 and TrueGrain (2017)


The reason I bought a good camera phone …

Family shot… is because I wanted to be able to make shots like this one. My mother was visiting us. She is ill. So good, pleasant shot opportunity are scarce. My wife, kids and our dog Charlie were sitting around my mother. The sunlight fell perfectly through the window. I needed to capture that moment. No time to get hold of the big Nikons, or other cameras in the house. No, no time to loose. So I took my Lumia 930, and made the shot. It came out perfect. I’m really impressed. Don’t argue over the last pixel detail. The shot itself is perfect. The composition and the smiles. And the quality is way above average. It is a true keeper. Shot with Lumia 930. DNG processed with Lightroom 5 (2016)

Hated acne, loved synths

Hated acne, loved synthsEarly 80’s. The arrival of affordable polyphonic synths. I was, and still am, fond of anything synths. So I was one of the first to buy a polyphonic synth once they were available through the dealer. No, the Korg Polysix featured on this picture was not mine. It belonged to a very good friend. He bought the Korg, and I went for Roland. I bought the Juno 60, because I preferred the stereo chorus over the effects unit the Polysix offered. Later I traded the Juno 60 for the ├╝ber classic Yamaha DX 7 synth. Oh, and the acne? I hated it. The ‘Acne period’ spanned a good 10 years, from 17 to 27. Most of the time it was controllable but when it went out of control I felt terrible. Acne truly destroyed my self confidence at those moments. Scanned from photo with Lumia 930. Processed the DNG with Lightroom 5 and Silver Efex Pro 2 (1983)

F-4E Phantom , USAF 32 TFS , CR 74-656

F-4E PhantomIt must have been around 1976-78 when I shot this picture with the camera of my father. I was not into photography yet, and was not a plane spotter, but I did like fighter planes. With airfield Soesterberg close by I sometimes went to see if I could catch a glimpse of the american fighter planes stationed there. The F4 Phantoms were replaced by the F15 Eagles in 1978. Scanned from photo with Lumia 930. Processed the DNG with Lightroom 5 (Soesterberg, 1976-78)