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The Tesla Baarn Crash (September 7, 2016)

Tesla driver dies in a Model S after hitting a tree, battery caught fire, Tesla launches an investigation http://nos.nl/artikel/2130435-tesla-nederland-onderzoekt-dodelijk-ongeluk-in-baarn.html So, what happened? I am curious. A Tesla car. 6 am. Nobody on the road. Speeding. My estimate is at least 100 … Continue reading

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Rachel Flowers – Piano Concerto No. 1 by Keith Emerson – piano & flute

A living miracle. I posted the following on YouTube: Fantastic!!!!!! When Rachel picked up the flute with her left hand AND played it together with right hand piano I lost it completely … how is this even possible. It sounds … Continue reading

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What happened to Malaysia Flight MH370?

Malaysia Flight MH370 went straight for the south pole. Why? Because X himself jumped out and had to send the plane somewhere. He choose the south pole. Below, I will talk about this in a little bit more detail The … Continue reading

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The mysterious case of the ‘Chevaline Killings’

The ‘Chevaline Killings’ has to be the most notorious European murder case of 2012. 3 british tourists and 1 local french biker were shot dead on a remote parking spot in the woods near Chevaline (Annecy, France). 2 little girls … Continue reading

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