The Tesla Baarn Crash (September 7, 2016)

Tesla driver dies in a Model S after hitting a tree, battery caught fire, Tesla launches an investigation

So, what happened? I am curious. A Tesla car. 6 am. Nobody on the road. Speeding. My estimate is at least 100 km/h (it is a 80 km/h road)

I gave the matter some thought. Went to the crash site myself. Shot some pictures. There were NO skid marks. The road is a straight stretch. 500m further up is a crossing with traffic lights. The driver surely knew this. My guess is that this man wanted to go to direction Amersfoort. That is ‘turn right’ at the crossing. For most other destinations (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Zwolle, Apeldoorn, even Arnhem) he would have not been on this road, but he would have taken the highway near Hilversum already)

Suppose he was toying with his Tesla (I’m guessing he didn’t have this car very long). Toying with the auto-pilot. And why not. It was early. Nobody on the road. A fairly straight road. Good road and weather conditions.

So, maybe he was speeding. Say 100+ km/h. And the Tesla was on auto-pilot. Now, if he wanted to go to direction Amersfoort he had to go right at the upcoming traffic lights. This upcoming crossing is about 500 meters away. Suppose (for easy calculation) the guy was driving 120 km/h (not uncommon). 500 meters would be 15 seconds. In 15 seconds he would have to turn right. Maybe he fiddled with the change lane/direction. Indicating the Tesla to ‘turn right’. Note that the road does not have a solid white line at the side, but a dashed line(!)

I don’t know about the Tesla … but could it be that ‘indicating the Tesla to turn right’ that the car actually would steer right, change lane, over the dashed line, straight into the tree?

Because this is the best scenario I can come up with. Other scenario’s are: Falling asleep, Heart attack, Doing something else (mobile phone), Suicide, etc. But … I prefer to include the Tesla into the equation. It is such an exceptional one-sided accident. Something definitely went very wrong. Very probably a driver error, but possibly in connection with this modern Tesla and its auto-pilot.

Update (sept 8): Tesla says ‘No auto-pilot’. The speed was 155 km/h.

So, if it wasn’t the auto-pilot. We go to the next best option. Suicide. High speed, big tree, no skid marks. I’m interested in the man’s destination.

Update (sept 8): Calculations

Using v = a . t and s = 1/2 . a . t^2 with v = 43 m/s and s = 480 m

From the crash site to the upcoming crossing (traffic lights) is 480 meters. He was driving 155 km/h. This translates into 43 m/s. The maximum deceleration a good normal car can achieve is 8 m/s^2. If he would continue to drive at 155 km/h he would reach the crossing in 11 seconds. If he would apply maximum deceleration of 8 m/s^2 it would take 115 meters to come to a halt. This translates into 480 – 115 = 365 meters before reaching that ‘apply maximum break’ point. He would reach that point in 8 seconds.

That means that if he had continued with the 155 km/h it would take only 8 seconds to be thrown into the position where he couldn’t even come to a safe stop for the crossing (traffic lights)

So, why didn’t he slow down already? Did he?

To give you an idea. If he would slow down starting at the crash site, it would take 22 seconds to reach the crossing. His deceleration would be 2 m/s^2 which translates to a decrease in speed of 7 km/h every second. That is 30 km/h in 4 seconds. So, if he would slow down controlled starting from the crash site, in 4 seconds his speed would be reduced to 155 – 30 = 125 km/h

One can argue that such a car can handle sportive breaking style. Maybe so, but the guy did crash into the tree, so somewhere down the line something went wrong. Therefor I repeat that there were only 8 seconds left for the driver to slow down if he hadn’t crashed into the tree.

The high speed (on that road) is slightly disturbing
The crash with no skid marks is disturbing
The fact that there were only 8 seconds left to ‘really hit the brakes’ is disturbing

Update (sept 9): Destination / Route

New info gave the name of the driver and the probable destination (His IT company in Baarn). Looking up his likely home address, I found that the route is only 7 km. So, he, driving at very high speed, would cover this distance in 3-4 minutes. Now, what was the hurry? It was early in the morning, iirc 6h00 6h15. He would arrive at his company at 6h20. Why so early? And why the hurry?

One could argue that the high speed was just because ‘he liked his car’. True. But then we have the time itself. Early in the morning. What made him go to his company so early? What is there to do?

Maybe, he had received an alarm. Maybe there were burglars at his company triggering some alarm. And he got up quickly and raced to his company. It could explain both the early time AND the hurry. But in that case one wonders if the police was contacted about the alarm going off. Still, it is a possibility.

Update (sept 16): Why so early?

In a chance encounter I spoke today with someone who was somewhat close to the victim. He also had been to the funeral. I asked him if he knew why the victim had been up so early. He said that the victim ‘always got up early to go to work’. It was his company after all. He liked his work. This probably answers the question of ‘Why so early?’

I asked him if suicide could be an explanation. But he thought this was very unlikely. There were no signs of this. On the contrary, things seemed to be bright and happy. Which again makes sense. Anyone spending lots of money on a special car like this Tesla Model S seems to ‘enjoy himself and his car’. Nevertheless, things can change quickly. A shock of some sorts can induce a sudden reaction. E.g. if the message comes that ‘You have incurable cancer’, a sudden unforseen (by people) reaction could happen, like suicide. But, as said, there seemed no sign of this on the horizon.

So, what then happened? Driving fast on a straight stretch. A crossing coming up within 11 seconds (or 8 seconds to ‘hit the breaks’). No skid marks. Hmmm, it is still a mystery what happened.


Rachel Flowers – Piano Concerto No. 1 by Keith Emerson – piano & flute

A living miracle.

I posted the following on YouTube: Fantastic!!!!!! When Rachel picked up the flute with her left hand AND played it together with right hand piano I lost it completely … how is this even possible. It sounds so good. I absolutely love the piano and you Rachel have an incredible touch!!

(I’m a Keith Emerson fan for 40 years now. Rachel Flowers is blind)

What happened to Malaysia Flight MH370?

MH370_missing_08032014_840_560_100Malaysia Flight MH370 went straight for the south pole. Why? Because X himself jumped out and had to send the plane somewhere. He choose the south pole.

Below, I will talk about this in a little bit more detail

The disappearance of Malaysia Flight MH370 is a true mystery. MH370 and the 239 people on board disappeared less than an hour after the Beijing-bound flight left Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 12h41 on March 8, 2014. To solve mysteries it can be useful to start at the end. It is now assumed MH370 crashed into the Indian ocean due to running out of fuel. I start with the question ‘What was MH370 doing there?’ I start at the END, and work backwards because sometimes that is easier:)

To me, the run out of fuel crash indicates that the person in control of the plane (lets call him X) lost control over the plane somewhere between the last turn the plane made and the crash site. To fly into nowhere land and be sure to crash due to running out of fuel indicates that … X lost (or gave up) control of the plane hours before the crash. Otherwise X would surely have attempted to get back to the main land to perform an emergency landing. So, WHY this course into nowhere land? What scenario would be in place? In other words:

What was MH370 doing above the Indian ocean?

I think X had a plan.

The last communication with MH370 was as below:

01:01:14 MAS370 Malaysian Three Seven Zero maintaining level three five zero
01:01:19 ATC Malaysian Three Seven Zero
01:07:55 MAS370 Malaysian...Three Seven Zero maintaining level three five zero
01:08:00 ATC Malaysian Three Seven Zero
01:19:24 ATC Malaysian Three Seven Zero contact Ho Chi Minh 120 decimal 9 Good Night
01:19:29 MAS370 Good Night Malaysian Three Seven Zero

Just after ATC signed off, the plane supposedly did some strange manoeuvrings. Suppose X wanted to ‘do’ something. X would be wise to ‘do’ that something when nobody was watching anymore, so X would wait until ATC signed off. X would then have some time before anyone was expecting him back into communication.

Anyway, in the end we find MH370 crashing into the Indian ocean.

When I looked at the globe it hit me that the course looked like being towards the south pole. Hmmmm. And I mean, EXACTLY towards the south pole. That, to me, is a clue. Did X setup a course into nowhere land to make MH370 crash due to no fuel (far away from land)? Possibly. If so, which course would X choose? Well, I guess he choose something ‘nice’ and so X programmed the most elegant destination course for MH370 he could think of, namely … The south pole!

If they ever find the black box and discover that the last course was exactly to the south pole, the investigators first will wonder ‘WHY’ this was set as such, and then they will realize it is the signature of killer X. They will know it was all premeditated … but who is X, and why did he do it?

As said, I’m sure X had a plan.

This was the plan to steal stuff:

1. Program the route (to buy time for step 5-7)
2. Wait until ATC signs off (01:19:29 MAS370 Good Night Malaysian Three Seven Zero)
3. Turn off radar/tracking stuff
4. Kill passengers (altitude, depressurize stuff)
5. Enter the cargo bay
6. Get the stuff
7. Jump out (when over drop zone)
8. Plane crashes after hours due to no fuel (as far away as possible from land, with course EXACTLY set for the south pole)

X = Pilot(s), they wanted the stuff, and they took parachutes (possibly in the cargo bay)

Read on here:

Important clue:

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More info (july 2016):

Update july 2016: BelowMH370’s presumed flight path is in yellow. Zaharie’s simulated suicide flight is in red.

The mysterious case of the ‘Chevaline Killings’

The Chevaline KillingsThe ‘Chevaline Killings’ has to be the most notorious European murder case of 2012. 3 british tourists and 1 local french biker were shot dead on a remote parking spot in the woods near Chevaline (Annecy, France). 2 little girls survived the killing. The murder case left the public and the investigators baffled. Who? Why? It is thought that the killing was performed by one single killer using a classic gun (possibly a pre WW2 Luger). Up to this moment there appears to be no clue to the who and why, although most focus does go out to the ‘UK’ side of the killing. Yet, it remains a mystery. I like to delve into this kind of ‘puzzle’, and have found some other folks from around the world to contemplate about this bizarre murder case. To keep track of the very few known facts, I have cut out some pieces of paper, each with a single ‘fact’ written on it, and try to arrange them in such a way that all ‘facts’ do ‘fit’. The problem is that the public does not know all the facts, and on top of that, the journalism around this case contains many errors and/or misinterpretations. Still … the puzzle in itself is a ‘masterpiece’. It sure beats the daily ‘Sudoku’;) Shot with Nikon D5100 AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6G VR, 34 mm, f/5, ISO 400, 1/80 sec, 0.00 eV, RAW (2013)