Battlefield 1 Beta – First ‘Sweet Kill’

From own experience I know I have to give some shooter games like Battlefield the time to grow on me. Typically 5-10 hours. The first few hours are frustrating most of the time. Because of the chaos, of the (new) gun handling, the k/d which drops to 0,2 due to others who are already ‘vets’ while I’m still a newbie wandering around clueless. Anyway, it is very important to start making a few ‘sweet kills’. Because these kills make you play on/come back. Although not having a lot of fun yesterday with my first session with the Battlefield 1 Open Beta, I did make that first ‘sweet kill’. And I recorded it. Here it is

10th Anniversary of the Battle at Le Port

In 2006 nearly 200 soldiers (around 100 on each side) fought a heroic and dramatic battle at Le Port. Many soldiers on both sides died. The battle is seen through the eyes of platoon leader Lt Maximilian Qubit. Awed by the horrors of war and the fragility of a soldiers life, he kept using binoculars in stead of his rifle, while commanding his platoon into the small town. His account is universally regarded as being ‘anti-war’ in nature. After the battle he stated he had seen no good or bad but only soldiers, most of them dead.

Battle at Le Port

Microsoft has to upgrade the Xbox One to support VR (Scorpio)

Microsoft insider Brad Sams wrote on, saying that he expects to see new hardware and a new controller at E3. So what hardware could that be? My guess (and hope) is that Microsoft announces a VR capable upgraded Xbox One. To support the Oculus Rift VR headset. I don’t think Microsoft has other options. If Xbox does not do VR, Microsoft will loose gamers who want to enjoy VR. They will switch to a VR platform, and probably stick with it. VR could be addictive as hell and truly the next step in gaming. I am a firm believer that VR indeed is this ‘next step’. It will take the First Person View to a level beyond what has been offered the last 20 years since Doom and Quake. From Doom in the mid 90’s to the latest Call of Duty and Battlefield, you look at a flat screen. 20 years gave us a bit more pixels, but that’s it. But in VR you turn your head. The immersion is on a completely other level. The adage will be ‘Once VR, never look back ~ Max Qubit’

VR is trippyThe problem for Microsoft is the price of the hardware to support the Oculus Rift. The lowest price for a ‘Oculus Rift pc’ I saw was around $900. Maybe in 6 months that drops to $750. So Microsoft faces the problem of announcing a $750 Xbox One VR … just to support the Oculus Rift.

A possible way to solve this might be to first announce an Xbox One VR upgrade (supporting Oculus Rift) but toy with the release date. Releasing later means the Xbox One VR can have a less expensive price tag. It might also benefit from a less expensive Oculus Rift, and it would give developers time to build VR support into the Xbox games. I think Microsoft could get away with a 2017 Q2 release of the Xbox One VR without losing an army of gamers to Sony (PSVR) or HTC/Valve (Vive). Most Xbox gamers interested in VR probably would argue ‘Well, I wait a bit longer for the Xbox One VR to arrive instead of switching platform’. My estimated price tag for an Xbox One VR releasing in 2017 Q2 is around $600. Perfectly acceptable for hard core Xbox gamers who want to go VR.

With above strategy, Microsoft would offer a VR upgrade path for Xbox gamers. Eclipsing Sony’s PSVR solution, which is cheaper but also less powerful, by releasing 6 months after Sony’s PSVR, an Xbox One VR system which can handle the Oculus Rift.

Microsoft needs an answer to VR. Above is my suggested move. It is Microsoft’s only option.

* * *

Edit (may 27, 2016): Kotaku and Polygon brought out the news that Microsoft indeed is working on an upgraded Xbox under the name ‘Scorpio’. To be expected inĀ  2017.

Microsoft is feeling pressure to announce the upgraded Scorpio at this year’s E3 ~ Polygon

In line with what I was suggesting in my post:)

Edit (aug 9, 2017): We now know Scorpio is coming Q4 2017, under the name Xbox X. Somewhat surprising is that Microsoft has stopped talking about VR on Xbox X. Sure they will say Xbox X is VR enabled, but there is no concrete VR available at launch in Q4 2017. Not like, plug in Rift and go. VR on Xbox X will come, but the wait will be longer than I expected.

Rainbow Six : Siege Beta (Lone Wolf Terrorist Hunt)

I’m already playing and enjoying the Rainbow Six : Siege Beta (on Xbox). Here I play Terrorist Hunt in Lone Wolf mode. Me versus 26 terrorists (difficulty setting Hard)

Note : I made this video by joining 2 source mp4 from and adding some texts and transitions. I used the YouTube online video editor. So the whole (simple) video was made without any local installed software. Which is pretty ok:)

My Xbox clips :

4 Codes for the beta (Xbox) which is extended to october 4th


For comparison I’ll add some old classic Rainbow Six TH which can be found on YouTube

Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow Terrorist Hunt (Xbox, 2004)

Rainbow Six: Vegas Terrorist Hunt (360, 2006)

Rainbow Six: Siege Terrorist Hunt (Xbox One, 2015)

Microsoft should stop selling the Xbox One in Japan

a-customer-holds-a-boxThe Xbox One apparently does not sell well in Japan. No surprise. If I were Microsoft, I would stop selling the Xbox in Japan. Thus turning ‘We dont want it’ into ‘You cant have it’. It then becomes a cult object in stead of a ‘loser’. A cult gaming device for those japanese gamers who really want it. They would import it from oversees and they would pay double the price to have it at their homes:) Trying to push the Xbox in Japan has never worked. Not for the classic Xbox, not for the Xbox 360 and not for the Xbox One. I’m really surprised MS is still trying. I would be too proud to see my product being on the shelves like a loser.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Triple kill

Performing a double kill is not straightforward, let alone a TRIPLE KILL:) Some guys were cluttering together seemingly having nice little chat. But this was ended abruptly when I appeared on the scene with the brutal assault rifle which is the HBRa3. This gun packs power and is accurate. I have the RDS attached because the ironsights are somewhat difficult to get used to.

Game: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Platform: Xbox One
Game mode: TDM hardcore
Weapon: HBRa3 + Quick draw + Fore grip + RDS