A blog is vanity. It is ‘showing off’. I’m a minimal guy. I like to get to the core. I like to ‘remove’ stuff to expose the core. I do that in my work as programmer. My programs are small. The smaller the program, the better it works. Most programmers create massive programs … they work hard;) It is said that ‘small is beautiful’ … but why? Good question. I don’t know the answer, but have a vague idea. If you remove unnecessary stuff you see the core. The core = beauty. I try to do this when I play piano. Sometimes, when in the mood, a simple chord, even a single note can be awesome. You hear the ‘attack’ and the ‘sustain’ … the sound dying of into silence. Awesome! And then life, incredible complex vibrant life, comes back into focus. Extreme simple and extreme complex alternate, and you are in the middle. Some years ago a friend looked at some of my holiday pictures. ‘Nice’ he said, you should ‘up your gear’. ‘Nah, not for me’ I replied, I like compact, quick. But reality decided differently. The friend bought a new DSLR himself and practically gave me his old Nikon (D60) for free. Never argue with reality, so I accepted the ‘gift’ and ever since I have delved into photograpy. Shooting ‘raw’, but also shifting through my collection of compact shots. Toying with Lightroom. Fun! I have discovered the charm of Black & White. There is that ‘removing’ again. You ‘remove’ colors to enhance a shot. But don’t be afraid of colors, so I throw in a colorfull picture now and then. Keep alternating and don’t get stuck ortherwise you run out of luck … luck which does not really exist. Ah well, you can read about that (luck) in one of my blog posts. Vanity has it that I like to show off about ‘luck’. Damn Max, get to the core of ‘showing off’. Can there be something removed? I could remove ‘showing’ and keep the ‘off’, but I would end up with no blog. So I decide to remove ‘off’ and keep the ‘showing’. Yup, that’s better. So here is my blog … (just) Showing!



(Max Qubit was first ‘online’ on nov 14, 2003. Created as avatar/gamertag for Xbox Live, the online service for the Xbox game console)