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Modern Day
Max June 9, 2016 at 3:07 am
The mystery of rise and fall. What happens near you also happens 4000 miles from you at my place. In fact it happens always and everywhere and we know that. It is an inescapable fact of life. But due to humans having a memory we sometimes become melancholic. We think ‘Oh that was such a nice place back in the days. What a shame’ … It is good, it is human to be melancholic at times. But don’t dwell to much, because if there is fall there is rise, if there is down there is up, if there is death there is life:)

The Divine Zero – Pierce the Veil
Max May 28, 2016 at 9:39 pm
I followed 2 links and ended up listening to ‘The Divine Zero’. Style: Post-Hardcore. Well I have to look up the coordinates of ‘Post-Hardcore’ on the big map of Music. As I seemed to have hyper jumped to that area from my known musical space … but that is the beauty of ‘following 2 links’:) To me the music is not unlike a car at the end of its life cycle. It ends up at a scrap yard and is turned into a cubic block of metal. The same stuff but now crammed into a much less space. As you say “There is so much packed into this song that it can be overwhelming.”:) My critic to this song is that I felt it to be a bit sterile. A certain ‘flatness’. Perhaps related to the production/mixing (but I’m no specialist). My guess is that I will like a life performance of the same track better. Anyway, thanks for the like on my blog. As a return favor I followed 1 link to your blog and another link to ‘The Divine Zero’. Thereby explaining my 2-step-hyperjump into new territory call ‘Post Hardcore’:)

I Walk The Line
Max 05/12/2016 at 3:55 AM
Everybody is a ‘mirror’. Thing is, we, when we are young(er) generally don’t notice this at first. I didn’t for sure. We need a really good obvious mirror. E.g. for a woman getting a baby, the baby becomes a mirror. If you are sensitive you pick this up. Good! And this mirror (e.g. baby, but in fact everybody!) shows you how YOU are. Wow:) Don’t get frustrated by trying to ‘do better’. The baby does not ask that from you, but YOU are saying this to yourself. Remember that the baby is just the mirror! Not trying to do better? So, what should you do? Just be natural. Your natural self. That is hard enough:) And sure, on a bad day your natural self is ‘not so happy’. And the baby shows ‘Mummy is not happy’ This is not a problem for the baby, for the mirror. But you pick this up. You are aware of yourself through this mirror. And by the mirror your ‘unhappiness’ will melt away much more quick than without a mirror. So yeah, be grateful for babies, be grateful for mirrors, but most of all be your natural self. As said, that is hard enough. Also for me, because even though I’m aware of the mirrors (wife, kids, boss, you name it), I still have enough ‘bad moments’, because bad moments come and go as they please. The only thing which has changed for me is that ‘bad moments’ melt away more quickly:)

Deadlines are toxic
Max Qubit MAY 26, 2013 AT 11:40 PM
Great post. Life is like a stream, a river. We say, ‘go with the flow’. A river does not have a ‘deadline’, and neither do you or me;) … Fab painting! On the other hand … (assume for a moment that God exists) … God, in his inexplicable ways, could come up with a little ‘deadline’ as to say to you ‘Come on Jasmine, finish that painting’ I mean, you never know. So, don’t take ‘deadlines’ too seriously, but don’t discard them too lightly to. Balance the thing, with a smile. If the ‘deadline’ feels ‘good’ … just go for it;)

The Dog Could Find Nothing Wrong With The Microwave
Max Qubit 05/28/2013
Great post. Made me smile, and smile again. Truly do-it-yourself-I-wont-be-defeated-by-some-machine stuff;) I do this with computers and I always ‘win’, e.g. But 2 weeks ago I tried to do the same with our not-so-good-working-anymore-vacuum-cleaner … took it apart alright, but did hurt my hand, broke some internal fix thingy, managed to have a look at the battery pack, came to the conclusion that a ‘battery pack replacement’ is actually more expensive than the whole device, wanted to put it back together which failed (because I broke that fix thingy;) … upon where my wife said ‘But it DID work before’ with dragonfire eyes. Soooo, I binned the whole thing/parts, admitted my defeat (to my wife) and bought a new vacuum cleaner from the web … Hahaha … but glad to see you managed to WIN over the microwave;)

If you change an image are you being true or distorting reality?
Max Qubit on 04/15/2013 – 07:39
Very intelligent question! I did experiment a bit with this. Took the ‘RAW’ and a complete flat profile … truth is, most pictures become boring (flat). They look like, you know, just … reality, nothing ‘special’. Which is true. Reality by its nature is not ‘special’, it is ‘just reality’. Now if you take a picture you can give the plain ol’ reality a twist. Contrast, Sepia, Black&White, whatever … things which reality can’t do for you. So yes, just go ahead and make that picture, and tweak it into perfection. I don’t think reality will mind. Perhaps reality is even proud that you, the photographer makes it even more nice … who knows;)

Max Qubit on April 9, 2013 at 12:50 am said:
The man was there so you could ‘shoot’ him and receive 62 likes … make that 63 (*clicks like;)

Max Qubit APRIL 6, 2013 AT 9:03 PM
Nice shot, very nice (if lucky) composition. Lucky I mean the girl, you need a bit of luck to shoot exactly at the moment she take the step. Well done! In my ‘compact’ past I shot many photo’s not ‘straight’, like this shot. But one time a friend said ‘They are not straight’ … I did not see a problem, appearently the friend like ‘straight shots’. However, I have changed my shooting. Most of the time I now shoot ‘straight’ or correct the horizon afterwards. Sometimes I DO shoot at an angle, but much less than before. Just saying;)

20 ideas
Max Qubit APRIL 6, 2013 AT 8:47 PM
My trick. If I have a ‘block’ I go to do something else. I have multiple hobbies (photography, music, gaming, philosophy), work, a wife and kids. I have noticed ‘inspiration’ comes in waves. If you are in an ‘up’, enjoy, shoot and get the most out of it … but if you are in a ‘low’, just let it be and do something else;) But you could add bullet point 21 and do the following experiment. If (you think/feel) you are in a ‘low’, a ‘block’ … continue SHOOTING, just shoot without thinking too much, and at a later time (perhaps long after the ‘low’) EXAMINE what you did shoot. Perhaps you will be surprised, perhaps it could turn out that those shot are really ‘master’. I know, it sounds romantic doesn’t it … but as bullet 21 experiment it could be interesting. Btw, thx for the like;)

Max Qubit on April 5, 2013 at 6:02 pm said:
Well I can’t be objective as I only use LR4. I just love LR, esp. version 4. I have the feeling LR approaches the shot more in totality, like the analog negative in the old days, hence the name from ‘Dark Room’ to ‘Light Room’ (nice touch), while Photoshop might be more of a tech tool. In LR you work directly with the light (of the RAW), but the approach in Photoshop is totally different, although, I’m sure you can get the same results. Truth is, if I have a small outing to Photoshop (e.g. to stitch panarama’s) I simply can not find my way around in this program, and I’m glad to return to LR … but for you it might be exactly the opposite;) Just use the tool which produces the best result, and which you are comfortable to use … that is perhaps the best ‘advice’;)

Fog and Lightroom
Max Qubit on April 4, 2013 at 10:58 pm said:
Just give it time (is more than 30 days;). I prefer LR4 much over LR3, some sliders are really powerful. But it is the combination. In the end you have to know what each slider does. Just experiment (set them to min and max and see what happens). And keep an eye on the Histogram! All sliders work globally … but there also is the ‘Graduate Filter’ which is really powerful. And for local toches you can use the ‘Adjustment brush’ … bu that last one should not be used at the start. First get to know what each slider does. LR is fun esp. when you have a shot worth working on. But even simple shots can be totally brought to life with LR (without overdoing it).

Painting Space
Max Qubit says: April 1, 2013 at 6:02 pm
Space? I expected more black, not this explosion of colors;) Well done!

Max Qubit March 31, 2013 at 05:04
Post made me smile;) I hold a ‘just in case’ attitude towards ‘superstition’. You know, the black cat, I won’t go ‘stupid superstition does not exist’. Nope the cat just slightly increases my attention, ‘just in case’ fate is around the corner … the cat, you see, might be sent by God, I wouldn’t know. So therefor the ‘just in case’ … lol:)

8 thoughts on “Comments saved

  1. Hi Max, lovely themes to the wordpress and nice photos. Similar situation here, like to make sounds in my headphones while the little ones sleep. I’ve heard a couple of times of Dreaming of Classical Guitar (kontakt 3?) and heard you using it on Youtube. What an awesome sound. Can you please offer any pointers on how to get it, it is a preset or a separate package? Having a lot of trouble sourcing it any help apprecitated!

      1. Hi Max, many thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay :-) I have tried but unfortunately can’t find a copy of Kontakt 3. If there’s a chance to get the nki I think that would work as it looks like they’re backward compatible. My email is nickitis at yahoo dot com – please drop me a line if you get a chance! Thanks, Nick

        1. Hi Nick,

          I might have been a little bit too optimistic, because when examining my system I saw that the complete kontakt 3 library was 30 GB’s or so, and I seem to have lost the original zip’s (no clue where I left those, lol … it could be that I have them on DVD’s). Furthermore I thought it was just 1 nki file … but it seems you have 1 nki file (‘Nylon Guitar’ preset) and another directory with all the samples (for the nylon guitar it is a total of 60MB, so that is doable)

          I could try to select only the nylon preset and the samples, and keep the directory structure intact … perhaps you then can import it into a kontakt player. I have my doubts if it will work, but you never know. You at least will have the nki plus the samples.

          So, I first will try to make that zip. And put it somewhere for you to download.


          1. Fantastic that works, thanks very much! what is that effect that’s making it shine out in Dreaming? and did i originally see you on ninjam by any chance?

  2. Awesome I will try that .. one of the nicest sounds I’ve heard with that fx :-) Thanks so much for the help – feel free to delete these comments, probably not the best place for me to have started the conversation! Thanks again bud!

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