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Hendrix, Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Emerson, Lake and Palmer made a song called ‘Oh, My Father’ in 1971, but never released it. It is a song unlike every other ELP song. Keith’s keyboard work is unregonizeable. It is the lead guitar which is on top. … Continue reading

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The Duality of Existence ( Spiritual Logic )

Who are You ?
You are Consciousness
You are the Fabric on which Everything Exists Continue reading

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Who really scored this goal?

Answer: The white attacker (Smolnikov) did, by not defending the red defender (Taylor) Cruijff: Attackers are the first line of defence Match: Taylor scores 2-0 for Wales versus Russia (June 20, 2016) Note: Attacker Smolnikov is in fact a defender, … Continue reading

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